Esmeralda Hoxha - Project Coordinator

Esmeralda Hoxha is a experienced professional with over 20 years of work experience. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Tirana University, and she's currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at the Mediterranean University of Albania while studying at NGOs Academy. Esmeralda has completed several training courses related to project management, gender equality, digital skills and security, PR and communication etc.

She is a passionate activist for environmental protection and women's rights. She strongly believes in the importance of sustainability and takes every opportunity to advocate for a better world. Esmeralda has been actively involved in various initiatives that aim to protect the environment and has also been a strong advocate for women and girls' rights. Esmeralda has been part of several campaigns and projects aimed at empowering women and girls and promoting gender equality. 

Esmeralda possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills, making her capable of maintaining strong relationships. She has strong organizational and multitasking abilities, as well as very good analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, she possesses team-management and leadership skills and has the ability to manage documentation using project management tools. 

Esmeralda has been part of the GADC team since 2019 and is also the POP Network Coordinator, a network formed by 12 local organizations and leaded by GADC. She has coordinated several projects since then, displaying strong communication and interpersonal skills, active listening, empathy, and flexibility. She is a confident speaker and possesses leadership skills. She's also skilled in organizing, data gathering, project development, research, and scheduling.

In her role as a project coordinator, Esmeralda has been responsible for coordinating the agendas of projects, activities, and campaigns with staff members. She ensures that objectives are met as projects develop and creates and maintains comprehensive documentation of projects, plans, and reports. Esmeralda monitors the progress of projects and handles problems that may arise, acting as a point of contact and communicating the status of projects with local organizations involved in the project.

Esmeralda also plans, facilitates, and conducts meetings according to the activities planned in the projects. She cooperates with the Executive Director to eliminate obstacles and coordinates activities according to projects. Additionally, she prepares reports, newsletters, social media materials, and media information for the project, and maintains web and social media presence.

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