Gender Equality in Audiovisual

Duration: February – November 2019

Donor: Autoriteti i Mediave Audiovizive

Gender equality in the media has been a discussion topic since the beginnings of democracy in Albania. With the opening of the audiovisual sector, the issue of gender equality has become even more sensitive both regarding women’s representation in audiovisual media and the treatment of various gender issues in Albania. Our country has a rich media scene and, even though the population is only about 3 million people, it is noted for a great number of media outlets in all platforms, from newspapers to radio, television, and recently online media, too.  Various market research studies have shown that television remains the most trusted medium for Albanians, compared to the internet and the written press. According to data from the Audiovisual Media Authority, Albania has a public radio-television, two national private TV, three national digital platforms and 56 regional/local televisions. The gender analyses to be carried out in the framework of this project will include the public RTV (RTSH), the national private TVs ( TOP Channel and TV Klan) and three national digital platforms.

Project objectives:

1.     To carry out a gender analysis of performance in the Albanian audiovisual market.

2.     To carry out an analysis of discrimination issues in the Albanian audiovisual media.

3.     To develop recommendations based on the legal analysis regarding the approximation of the Law on Gender Equality to the Law on Audiovisual Media in Albania.


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