Etleva Lilaj - Finance Manager

Etleva Lilaj is a skilled and experienced financier who has been working with the Gender Alliance for Development center since April 2017. With a wealth of experience covering a broad range of administrative tasks and responsibilities, primarily in finance, Etleva is a motivated and dedicated individual with a passion for her profession. She has engaged in various trainings, academies, and workshops to enhance her skills and stay updated with changes in financial legislation.

As a finance officer, Etleva is responsible for several key functions within the organization. She develops financial reports for various projects and grants, utilizing different financial analyses as needed to ensure the accurate representation of financial performance in relation to budget and future forecasts. Etleva ensures the consistent implementation of financial standards and reporting, coordinating some activities and events within the organization. She also issues financial statements responsibly and on time, based on donor requests, and controls and authorizes various purchases and payments related to the center's activities.

Etleva is meticulous in her work, regularly recording every transaction or financial action in the organization's financial software based on principles of comparability. She is also adept at carrying out and managing administrative work related to third parties, committing to solving various problems or making decisions related to them. Etleva's dedication and expertise make her an essential part of the Gender Alliance for Development center's team, and she continues to contribute to the organization's success with her proficiency in finance.

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