Women Economic Empowerment with a focus on Women’s Entrepreneur

Donor: Swiss Cooperation Office in Albania

Project duration: 01.06.2011-30.06.2011

This project's main broad objective was to learn the best business practices used in fast moving, wide and well structured markets; share market and technology information and to improve/increase intra-Albanian trade of women entrepreneurs and women in business. This objective was realized with the participation of 50 businesses represented by women from Pogradec, Korca, Fier, Shkodra,Lushnje, Tirana, Vlora, Kukes, in a two day Women's Fair, in the City of Vlora with the collaboration of the municipality of Vlora. The Fair included products and services provided by 40 businesses run by Albanian women overall Albania.Over 1000 persons visited the fair during the two days, while around 150 representatives of city institutions, CSOs, businesses and other invitees attended the opening event.

This successful activity organized by MOLSAEO, GADC, the Albanian Chamber of Commerces in Vlora, Fieri, Lushnja, Korca and Shkodra, created opportunities for market expansion and networking among women entrepreneurs in Albania; created a platform for women to discuss economic issues and create linkages to upgrade SMEs; and came up with recommendations for future actions focusing on effective procedures and mechanisms of empowerment of women entrepreneurs

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