POP 2022 - Social Contract as an effective tool for civic participation in decision-making at the local level

Title of the project: Social Contract as an effective tool for civic participation in decision-making at the local level and transparency. 

Duration:  January 2022- December 2022

Donor: Olof Palme International Center, with funds of the Swedish Embassy in Albania 

POP 2022 overall goal: Empower the CSOs to effectively hold accountable the municipalities for the fulfilment of the priorities of the social contract associated with citizens’ access and engagement to local government.

POP-2022 specific objectives:
SO1: Furthering CSOs, member of POP, influence with citizens and local officials, in the target municipalities.
SO2: Developing the Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 for sustainable POP Network actions in the future.
SO3: Strengthen the relationship between POP, citizens, businesses and media
SO4: Monitor, report and hold accountable the duty bearers in the local level to complete social contract prepared by POP members in each municipality.
SO5: Strengthening regional network with Kosovo and North Macedonia.

The project is being developed under the lead of the Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) in Tirana. 

POP Network members: 

Gender Alliance for Development Center, Tirana 
Civil Society Development Center (CSDC), Durres
Vlora Youth Center
Association for Integration of Informal Areas (AIIA), Kamëz
Youth Center “New Epoch”, Fier
Young Intellectuals, Hope (IRSH), Shkodër
Youth Movement for Democracy Center, Pukë
Center for Youth Progress (CYP), Kukës
Youth For Integration, Activation, and Awareness (YIAA), Progradec
Another Vision, Elbasan
Easy Steps, Vau I Dejes 
Women in Development, Korçë

Please follow https://popnetwork.al/  for more details. 

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