Knowledge for Women Empowerment

Donor: Assist Impact through USAID funds

Project duration: 01.01.2014-31.12.2014

The project is focused entirely on promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities, in terms of social inclusion, access to labour market as well as increased awareness against gender based violence. The action targets specifically more vulnerable women, those more at risk to be excluded due to their conditions, such as poverty or family situation.

The specific objectives of the proposed project relate to two main areas:

  • Improving women's position in the labour market.
  • Specifically targeting more vulnerable groups of women, especially those at risk of poverty and or victims of domestic violence; with counselling, training and awareness activities as well as help for labour market access.

Services provided to surrounding community and the impact on the beneficiaries:

1. Capacity building activities through 12 one day training sessions targeting women, focusing on i) Economic literacy as well as on gender and economics; women empowerment through employment, economic sustainability and know how on access to labor market and business start up; ii) Labor rights and antidiscrimination.

2. Posters with labour rights distribution: Raising awareness of women and girls all over Puka and Lezha districts.

3. Awareness raising activities on women's rights with businesses and with local representatives – dissemination of various forms of communication and publication material in simple language

4. TV debates in local TV about labour issues

5. Employment of 25 – 30 women from the total number of beneficiaries of 144 women.

6. Advocacy and lobbying activities w/public and private sector: raising awareness on need to integrate women in social life; benefits of women engagement

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