Engaging Korca’ community in public sector affairs, mechanisms to ensure good governance.

Donor: Australian Embassy Tirane

Project duration: September 2015 - December 2015

The project aims at enhancing democratic dialogue and equally interaction of citizens, men and women of a certain community with local government in order to achieve a more accountable and gender sensitive governance at local level. The project pursues two strategies: (i) build local mechanisms that encourage interaction and dialogue between local authorities and women. It is based mainly on the use of Community Score Card methodology as a way to identify local community needs and priorities to be addressed by local authorities, to encourage local authorities address these needs, as well as encourage women and men to interact with the authorities and exercise their rights. (ii) build the capacities of local human resources, which includes: preparation of social auditors as experts who monitor and assess gender sensitive policies undertaken by local government and implement the mechanisms that encourage interaction between authorities and community; empowerment of women with knowledge on their rights; build local structures' capacities to address gender equality issues and make women voices heard in local decision-taking. Local government duties and responsibilities seen from gender perspective encompass obligations to empower women economically, to give an end to domestic violence, to develop local infrastructure, which in reality are not properly addressed.The project addresses on one side the need for an efficient, reacting, informative and transparent local governance that equally addresses the needs of men, women and vulnerable groups, and on the other side the need for encouraging interaction between local authorities and women and marginalized groups, so that the local policies take in consideration their needs consequently making it possible for the latter to exercise their rights.

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