The earthquake and recovery

Project’s title: Strengthen the capacities of local governments and monitor their actions and the International aid toward recovery of families after the earthquake.

Time frame of project:12 months / 1.04.2020-31.03.2021

The project will be implemented with the funds of the Embassy of Sweden in Albania through AWEN.

Geographical coverage: 1. Administrative unit Sukth: Including Qyteti Sukth and villages: Hamallaj, Kullë, Perlat, Vadardhë, Rushkull and Hidrovori 2. Administrative unit Katundi i ri and villages: Katundi i ri, Jubë, Qerret, Fllakë, Bisht-Kamëz, Rinia, Erzen, Sukth, Adriatik

Target groups and beneficiaries: Women and children from different group’s minorities, widows, divorced, from economic aid, and women in general;        Families; Local government unit staff; Project goal and objective(s)

Project goal: Three administrative units have a consolidated system to identify and track the changes of the status of the families affected by earthquakes unaddressed women’s and children’s needs and have a mapping of these needs and aid delivered. 

Project objectives:

  • Build the capacities of local staff of administrative units to track the families, women, and girls affected by the earthquake according to their needs.
  • Build a database with all the families affected by the earthquake with separate folders for women from different social strata.
  • Build the capacities of CSOs to monitor the situation with a well-developed database.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Reconstruction Plan/International aid, only in the selected affected areas.
  • Define expected results of the intervention (as per objective(s)


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Open letter in regards to the handling of the case of Ms. Nazime Visha

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