Protecting Women’s Rights in the Labour Market through implementation of the Legal Framework

Donor: Olof Palme International Center and Swedish Embassy in Tirana

Duration: January 2017- December 2019

Overall objective: The main objective of the project is to empower women to take a leading role in improving working conditions and their position in the labor market.

Specific objectives:

1. Empowering women to take leadership and ownership in improving their working conditions.

2. Strengthening capacities of state inspectorate of labour to address concerns related to working conditions.

3. Rising awareness and advocating with public sector actors and employers organizations to actively promote women’s rights in the labor market through advocacy at national level.

Summary: “Protecting Women’s Rights in the Labour Market through implementation of the Legal Framework” is a project funded by Olof Palme International Centre and implemented by Gender Alliance for Development Centre. The aim of the project was to establish a platform for protection of women’s rights in the labour market with a special focus women worker in textile and shoes industry. To achieve the aim, many steps were taken: GADC organized 10 trainings with girls and women working in shoes and textile industry from urban and peri urban areas in more than 12 companies. Some of the trainee’s groups were compound by workers of different factories.

  • 284 women and 11 men employed in over 10 companies participated in the training sessions.
  • GADC organized in April 2017 a joint meeting between different actors: Inspectorate of Labour, Textile and shoes heads of union trades within BSPSH and KSSH, specialists, CLRSD, OPC and FES
  • Drafted the Manual on "Women's Rights in the Labor Market" regarding recent legal changes to the Labor Code.
  • GADC helped in the creation of 6 Health and Safety Councils at Work during 2018.
  • The existing manual of GADC has been revised in details through evaluation its team of experts who have done changes referring to recent amendments in the Labour Code.
  • GADC produced 1000 leaflets, posters and pocket guides on the rights in the labour market
  • GADC join the CLRSD and KSSH in a protest on May 1, 2017. In the occasion of this event GADC prepared and distributed largely a statement on the conditions of women in the labour market. The statement has a large coverage in media
  • During the project implementation period, the issue of women's rights in the labor market has had a very good coverage in visual and written media.
  • Documentary film “ Women’s workers’ Rights in textile and shoes industry”
  • The helpline nr. 08001818 is always available for women and girls who need to denounce an irregularity going on in the footwear and textile industry.
  • A round table activity was also organized. Part of which representatives of public institutions and private enterprises were operating in the sector of the production under the regime of active processing in the field of clothing and footwear production. Representatives of civil society and trade unions also participated in the discussion.

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