Enhancing women's access to employment

Donor:  Democracy for Development in Prishtina, Kosove with the funds of Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina

Duration: June 2018- February 2021

Overall objective: Increased participation of women in the labor market in the Kosovo and Albania through targeted advocacy in fighting gender discrimination, promoting decent jobs and implementing gender-friendly country strategies that improve the presence of women in the labor market.

Specific objectives:

1. Increase CSOs influence over policy making relevant for the position of women at the labor market and implementation of the decent job agenda principles.

2. Build capacities of community agents to enable an environment that promotes women economic empowerment and decent jobs. 

3. Increase public awareness on the importance of inclusive labor markets.

Summary: Labor markets in Albania are characterized by high unemployment and inactive rates, lack of implementation of decent job principles. Addressing inequalities between men and women allows for the establishment of a social order in which women and men share the same opportunities. The project aims to address discrimination in the labor market persistent in Kosovo and Albania - a problem that is hindering the activation of women in the labor market.

In the framework of the project, the following activities carried out were:

  • Launching the call for proposal on the 11th of March 2019 on “Enhancing women access to employment"
  • 5 grant winners were chosen in compliance with project's idea and all of them are entitled to work and empower women’s role in the socio- economic spheres of life
  • 4 workshops; in Vlora on the 16th of May, Duures and Elbasan in the 17th of May and Baldushk in the 21st of May. Participating there were employed, unemployed women, reaching a total nr of 77 women.

The project is continying 

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