Monitoring the delegated municipal functions regarding Primary Health Care Centers


Duration: May 2017-April 2018

Overall objective: Involvement and empowerment of citizens in monitoring primary health care centers in their municipalities by advocating in the municipality and the central government to change the situation there.

Specific objectives: SO.1 Creation of a replicable methodology and a questionnaire to be used consistently by citizens, CSOs or interest groups in target municipalities and in new municipalities to monitor delegated municipal functions in relation to Primary HealthCare Centers. SO.2 36 citizens from target municipalities were empowered with the knowledge and tools to monitor the infrastructure of the PHCC in their municipalities. SO.3 Report to the municipality the miserable conditions in which these primary health centers operate and to lobby for the budget of 2017, 2018 so that PHCC would be considered for new investments and improvements in each target municipality. SO.4 To lobby with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health to allocate funding to the Albanian Development Fund and the municipalities for primary healthcare centers. Summary: “Monitoring the delegated municipal functions regarding Primary Health Care Centers” is project funded by LEVIZ ALBANIA and implemented by Gender Alliance for Development Center. The project aimed at monitoring through the citizens of the six municipalities of Albania, one of the most important functions of the municipalities in the field of infrastructure and public services: "Construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of primary health care facilities and development of educational and promotional activities at the local, which are related to the protection of health, and the administration of centers and other services in the field of public health, in the manner prescribed by law ". Primary Health Care Centers especially those located in rural areas were left in miserable conditions. The buildings were too damaged, amortized, not painted for many years, lacking chairs where patients could sit, no water or toilets.  In the framework of the project, the following activities carried out were:

  • Informative meeting;
  • Training of enumerators and moderators in each municipality;
  • Realization of 298 surveys;
  • Drafting of reports with findings and recommendations;
  • Public meetings in each municipality regarding findings and recommendations; Lobbying and advocacy for investment in the maintenance or maintenance of health centers.

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