Women empowerment: Building capacities to improve access economic opportunities with a special focus to victims of domestic Violence

Donor: European Commision

Project duration:1.02.2012-31.07.2013

Target country (ies) or region(s): Shkodra, Puka, Lezha, Lac, Milot, Ulez, Burrel

During the implementation period February 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012, GADC and CLGW has worked to fulfill this action aim, that is promoting equal participation of women and men in the social and economic life, by enhancing the empowerment of women, gender equality and respect of their human rights. The efforts shown has brought to achievement of one part of the project's specific objectives, that is: partially improving women's position in the labor market, specifically targeting more vulnerable groups of women, especially those at risk of poverty and or victims of domestic violence; with counseling, training and awareness activities not only on labor market access, but also on issues of domestic violence and access to available social services as well. During the next implementation period, the achievement of the specific objective will be complemented further capacity building events, by awareness and advocacy activities, aiming at increasing general awareness within target groups and improving social attitude towards the role of women in society through information and communication actions; counseling and non-conventional means.

During the reported period, the following activities has been implemented: Activity 1: Baseline studies have been conducted in all the targeted regions and 6 baseline reports have been produced;

Activity 2: Capacity building events (trainings) have been organized with unemployed women, on economic empowerment and increasing labor market access (ongoing);

Activity 3: Training and awareness raising tailor made for vulnerable women and DV victims (ongoing), combined with awareness raising activities, workshops, informal meetings and counseling (ongoing);

Activity 4 and 5: Awareness on women empowerment and against DV and advocacy towards women access to social life, labor market; with business associations and government institutions: (ongoing).

Due to the above mentioned activity implementation, the following results have been achieved: Capacities of women and development organizations to access the labor market has increased, new knowledge and capacities are generated (partial achievement); Awareness of women and employers on labor rights and antidiscrimination regulations has increased (partial achievement); Increased awareness against gender based violence (partial achievement); Increased opportunities for marginalized women to participate more actively in social life due to information and awareness (partial achievement); Improved situational analysis and knowledge with regard to area in focus (partial achievement).

Achievements in figures:

In total 398 individuals benefited directly from the activities of this project:

  • 283 individuals trained out of 555 persons foreseen in the original proposal, 262 of them were women and girls, 7 were boys and men. 18 out of 283 were public institutions' representatives.
  • 115 young girls and boys (83 boys and 32 girls) attended the awareness raising activities organized by project partners.
  • 53 girls and women from the pool of trainees (2 in Burrel, 5 in Puka, 8 in Shkodra, 14 in Lezha, 18 in Lac, 6 in Ulez) suffering from DV attended the trainings.
  • 72 representatives of different institutions were interviewed (baseline)
  • 51 citizens (32 women, 19 men) were part of the consultations through focus group discussions) (baseline).
  • 370 of different publications (on labor rights, DV, discrimination, etc) and 152 copies of the Toolkits "Labor Rights of Women" and were delivered to the target groups.
  • 27 (5 in Ulez, 3 in Shkodra, 6 in Lezhe, 4 in Milot, 4 in Lac, 5 in Puke) of the unemployed trained women on 'labor rights' have asked for further assistance by the employment offices in their municipalities.
  • 41 girls and women victims of DV victims participating in the trainings have been provided face-to-face (22) and online (19) counseling.

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