Knowledge for Women’s Empowerment – Promoting Women’s Rights in the Labor Market for Contributing toward Women’s Empowerment

Donor: Kvinna till Kvinna

Project duration: 01.03.2012-31.12.2012

Target country (ies) or region(s): Gramsh, Librazhd, Kuçovë, Berat, Elbasan, Lushnjë and Laç.

During the implementation period 01 March – 31 December 2012, GADC had worked to fulfill this action aim that is empowering women and promoting gender equality and respecting of women's rights in the labor market. More specifically, this project aimed at improving women's position in the labor market in the cities of Gramsh, Librazhd, Kuçovë, Berat, Elbasan, Lushnjë and Laç. The target group was women from a variety of sectors, including: women in general (employed and unemployed), businesspersons, Labor Inspectorate Office officers, members of Trade Unions, representatives of NGOs and entrepreneur women.

During this period, the following activities were implemented:

  • Meeting with the project implementation team
  • Meetings with stakeholders and partners
  • Finalizing the training module
  • Trainings on Knowledge for Women Empowerment – Women's Rights in the Labor Market

A total of 7 trainings (1 in each city) were organized, where 116 unemployed women were trained. The beneficiaries of this project gained the necessary basic knowledge regarding Albanian legislation of labor relations, the obligations, responsibilities and rights of the employee, as well as the obligations of the employer, and the women rights in the employment field. The trainings were conducted by means of short lessons, brainstorming, group and individual work, presentations, case study discussions, etc.

As a result of implementing this project, 116 women's capacities were developed in regard to women's labor rights and antidiscrimination regulations. By the end of the training sessions, the target women became more aware of the importance of respect and protection of women's rights in general, and of the labor rights in particular. They learned about the antidiscrimination regulations in place in Albania, the legal and institutional frameworks designed to protect and monitor the implementation of women's rights in the labor market.

As a result of this project, 116 women were trained to promote gender equality in the labor market by learning, understanding, and demanding the respect and fulfillment of their labor rights. More concretely, the economic position in the local labor market of 12 women was improved as, at the end of this project, they became employed. These results were achieved within a short term and as a direct consequence of the capacity building trainings conducted in the frame of the project.

Empowerment of women is closely related to improvement of their social position; they become more economically independent within the family and the society and are thus able to contribute to the overall development of the community. Economic empowerment allows women to overcome traditional boundaries and provides access to greater opportunities for personal and societal development. Despite the fact that women already play a very important role in many respects, including the local economy, their potential is still greatly underdeveloped. Empowerment of women reduces the persistent gender inequalities, which in turn facilitates the achievement of social justice.

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