Empower Citizens to monitor local gender agenda, as a mechanism to ensure Good Governance.

Donor: Public Affairs office/USA Embassy in Tirana

Project duration: 01.03.2013-30.09.2013

Target cities: Puka and Kuçova.

The main goal of the project was:

  • To enhance democratic dialogue and interaction of citizens with local government in order to achieve a more accountable, responsive and gender sensitive governance at local level.

In order to attain the overall goal the project activities are designed so as to address the following specific objectives:

  • Make citizens active in evaluation the situation in social and economical area in them communities as well as the situation about domestic violence in the family and women's participation in decision making process.
  • Prepare community members as social auditors who know and implement the practical tools that make women's voices heard by local authorities.
  • Enhance local governance ability to undertake gender sensitive policies.
  • Make women aware of their rights to participate and the need to interact with the authorities.

Key achievements of the project:

  • Four Focus groups with community members (men and women) organized. By using the scorecard methodology the citizens evaluated the delivery of services and other aspects of life in the community, by the state institutions.
  • 10 Semi structured interviews in each municipality conducted with key local the local government and decision-makers giving them the possibility to make a self-assessment of the services they provide to women and local communities.
  • 2 two days training for social auditors (one in each municipality) were organized in Tirana. A group of 30 citizens were prepared as social audits. The trainings are conducted based on a manual prepared by a group of GADC experts.
  • Two Monitoring Reports (one for each municipality) were prepared by GADC experts in close collaboration with the social auditors. Social Auditors monitor for a period of two months their communities in the four areas: social situation, economic situation, gender based violence and women's participation in decision making.
  • 2 Open Forums were organized in the Kuçova and Puka, with the presence of head of public institutions, labor office, education, public health, civil society representatives, business representatives, citizens, local media (women and men), students etc.

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