Wage and Labour Conditions of Shoe and Garment Workers in Albania

Donor: Friedrich Erhert Stiftung

Project duration: September 2015 - March 2016


GADC become member of Clean Clothes Campaign and with the support of Friedrich Erhert Stiftung – analysed the labour market in Albania with a special focus to women workers in textile and shoes companies.

Through investigative and research methods GADC analysed many aspects of the labour such as the wage and living conditions of shoe garment workers in supply chains and to highlight poverty wage levels, their consequences on workers and their families.

GADC investigated occupation health and safety conditions in shoe production; contributed to the campaign for a living wage and for safe working conditions by providing detailed and credible information on the wage situation and working conditions; provided policy recommendations for the living wage campaign and Ocuppational Health and Safety  campaigning. Further GADC identified areas of intervention for CCC and its partners.

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