Monitor delegated municipal functions related to Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) in 5 Municipalities

Monitoring the Primary Health Care centres is a project that we inspired by the poor infrstructure of Helath Centres and ambulances in Albania. The project was piloted at the Municipality of Gramsh, Ure Vajgurore, Pogradec, Mirdite and Kucove. The legal basis was the Law 139/2015 for Local Self Government.

Project goal:  The main purpose of this project is to involve and empower citizens in monitoring Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) in their municipalities by advocating in the municipality and the central government level for changes.


  • Establish a replicable methodology and develop a questionnaire to be used consistently by citizens, CSOs or interest groups in target municipalities and in new municipalities to monitor delegated municipal functions in relation to the PHCC;
  • 36 citizens from the target municipalities are empowered with the knowledge and tools to monitor the state of infrastructure of PHCCs in their municipalities; they are involved in sustainable dialogues by formulating the very necessary advocacy priorities for improving the conditions in the PHCCs in the respective municipalities.
  • Reporting to each municipality about the state of the health centers and lobby that in the budget 2017, 2018 and beyond, there is a special budget voice for investments and improvements of PHCCs in each target municipality. In addition to raise awareness among municipalities to apply for funds in cases when the Albanian Development Fund open calls for applications for investments in PHCCs.
  • Lobbying with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health to allocate funds to the Albanian Development Fund and to the municipalities budgets directly for improvements of the PHCCs


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