Fostering Women Political Empowerment in Rural Areas of Tirana

Donor: UN Women

Duration of the project: 02.08.2010 - 29.07.2011


This project financed by UN Women and implemented by GADC aimed to raise awareness of women for participating in the election process and of political parties in respecting the quota for women representation in local executive organs and was implemented in one unit municipality and one commune of Tirana District. The main goals of the project were: holding decision-makers to account on gender equality issues in Tirana Region and raising awareness among local communities about the Government's national and international commitments and obligations towards women's human rights and gender equality; advocating for and monitoring for the implementation of the local-level quotas in the local elections (2011); mobilizing community support and awareness for increased participation of women as voters in the local elections.

Some key achievements of this project were: two Community Scorecards were developed through several community meetings organized; awareness raising activities about gender equity issues and importance of women voting were carried out; training and awareness raising campaign was carried out with media representatives, resulting in an increased coverage of gender issues during election campaign; media coverage of gender equity issues and women participation in voting and decision making was monitored, and considered positive and supportive; monitoring was also exercised on the day of local elections, on 08 May 2011, to reflect issues related with women voting and right to vote.

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