Developing a sustainable system for addressing violence against women in Albania

Donor: United Nations Trust Fund

Project duration: 05.01.2011-31.12.2012


The goal of this important project is to produce a significant and sustainable imprint in addressing violence against women and girls in Albania by developing a sustainable system for addressing Violence Against Women in Albania, supporting the effective cross-sectoral referral system piloted by Albanian Network against Gender Violence and Trafficking (NAGVaT) in five municipalities: Shkodër, Rrëshen, Berat, Vlorë and, Pogradec, and further replicating it in additional five others: Pukë, Tirana-District, Elbasan, Kuçovë, and Lushnjë.

Based on the successful model of the UN Trust Fund-supported project which ended in March 2010, (NAGVaT) has been implementing an upscale intervention to develop sustainable systems at the local and national level through advocacy, establishing cross-sector alliances and partnerships, capacity building activities to improve the response by the responsible institutions to the DV survivors, and expanding the support base in combating DV/VAW.

The project has been focusing on both the response to DV/VAW survivors, as well as DV/VAW prevention activities. The project combines efforts to create institutional mechanisms with those to build the capacity to make these mechanisms function well in five central government institutions and their offices in the ten targeted regions, of the ten municipalities, twelve shelters and counselling centres - to mention some of the key project partners, with the desired result of sustainable improvement of service provision for DV/VAW survivors as the ultimate beneficiaries, and a positive change in the overall societal reaction and response to DV/VAW.

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