Enhancing Women’s Role in Governance

Donor: OSCE - presence in Albania

Project duration:01.02.2011-31.05.2011

This project was an attempt to increase the women presence with new capacities in the election campaign of 2011. The main target group of the project was a group of potential women candidates for local elections 2011, mostly women party leaders. The overall goal of the project was to increase women's capacities as candidates and voters, and to act as a lobbying force in view of the 2011 local elections. The most significant outcomes of this project were: the women candidates learned how to advocate in promoting themselves as political candidates in the local elections: they learned how to prepare a public speak and deliver the right, understandable message to the public when running for local elections; they learned how to conduct public relations through media; and they also learned how to plan and manage an electoral campaign.

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