Knowledge for empowering women - promoting employment and income opportunities for women

Donor: World Bank & British Council

Project duration:01.05.2011 -29.02.2012


The "Knowledge for Empowering Women - Promoting Employment and Income Opportunities for Women," project was implemented in the city of Lezha, Elbasan and Durrës, having as main components capacity building events on "Knowing the Labour Rights" and the curriculum vitae selection and preparation of unemployed women in these cities. Results achieved as per project's objectives were: Information dissemination and awareness raising about women's' rights, with a specific focus on employment and policy-making and their role in the development and promotion of gender equality; Enabling women in analysing the implementation of their rights from employment and political institutions and requesting the adherence of the rights which are being violated; Encouraging dialogue and cooperation between state institutions and women's' groups in creating new possibilities for women for employment and for full compliance of their rights in the labour market, Raising awareness for women and girls in removing the gaps which hinder their involvement in politics and providing them with the tools of how they may cross these gaps; Increase of women's' involvement in the political-social-economic lives of their communities

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