Gender Analyses

Gender analysis

Gender mainstreaming has been embraced as a strategy towards realising gender equality. It involves the integration of a gender perspective into the preparation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, regulatory measures and spending programmes, with a view to promoting equality between women and men, and combating discrimination.

GADC employs gender mainstreaming through utilizing gender analysis as a tool to highlight the differences between and among men and women in terms of their relative distribution of resources, opportunities, constraints and power in any given context. This way, we aim to ensure that the implications of any research, programme and process assesses the implications for both genders, and that men and women’s experiences, needs and priorities are taken into account.

We use gender analysis prior to any intervention, by using sex-segregated data, identifying and analyzing differences between men and women, establishing both causes and effects of these differences, and ensuring their integration in any intervention or research.

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