Mission, vision and values

GADC acts to advance human rights from the perspective of gender equality and equity through gender actions, policy development and gender analysis.

Vision: GADC stands for a society where human rights are guaranteed and promoted.

GADC Values

  • Impartiality – GADC is not affiliated to any religious organization or political party;
  • Peace – GADC promotes a culture of peace and harmony;
  • Integrity – GADC shows integrity in its relationships with national and international partners and collaborators and towards its main beneficiaries;
  • Flexibility – GADC is able to adapt its capacity and expertise to new social challenges related to gender and beyond;
  • Commitment – GADC is fully committed to promote its vision and mission and has a proactive approach in working towards a better society where no one is marginalized;
  • Belief – GADC is convinced of the importance of its mission and uses such belief as a major motivator and inspiration in its daily work;
  • Transparency – GADC is committed towards ensuring transparency of its projects and activities while serving as an example for the civil society sector in the country;
  • Respect – GADC is aware of the sensitivity a considerable part of its work entails, while dealing with vulnerable parts of the population and is committed to respect the dignity of the main beneficiaries of its work;
  • Participatory approach (management and coordination) – GADC believes in the power of team-work and collaboration and is thus committed to participate in other organizations’ projects and initiatives while facilitating their work.

Research and Papers

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Reports and Articles

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