Empowerment of Women in Albania to Ensure Equal Opportunities

Gender Alliance for Development Centre (GADC), is implementing the Project: “Empowerment of Women in Albania to Ensure Equal Opportunities╦Ł, dedicated to the empowerment of Puka rural women in the Administrative Unit Luf, Puka Municipality and it is financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairshttps://www.facebook.com/mfaSlovenia/. Implementing this project GADC is partnering with Forum za enakopraven razvoj – FER https://www.facebook.com/forumfer/. In the framework of the project GADC in collaboration with the Livestock Entrepreneurs Association of Albania (LEAA) is engaged in the preparation and delivery of training courses with women group of Luf Administrative Unit in Puka, aiming to increase their knowledge and capacities for goat farm management as a group. So far has been delivered from LEAA, to a group of 30 women, four training sessions out of 12 training. “Goat Farm Management”, is organized on November 9th and 10th , 2017 as the first training. On November 22nd  and 23rd , 2017 LEAA delivered the training course on Animal (Goat) Disease Prevention and Control. The following training on Animal (Goat) Breeds and Breed Improvement organized on November 30th 2017. The last training for the year 2017 was organized on December 22, 2017 on animal feeding, focused on goat feeding.

The women received important information on: key concepts on goat farm management; Provide an overall philosophy on diseases management: it is easier and more cost efficient to prevent rather than to control; Introduction of main diseases, their sign, causes, prevention and control; How to plan ahead for a healthy flock; and data collection to prepare the calendar of main events; LEAA provides recommendations for breed adjustments to different areas and various management conditions and instructions on selection of bucks and female goats for reproduction and replacements; general rules on goat feeding; basic fodder for goat feeding and its quality;

The farm goat is going perfectly well so far. All the 20 goats are pregnant and GADC team is expecting the babies during March 2018. During this period a lot of snow covered Puka and the Goat farm, therefore the goats are remaining within the stable eating prepared food by our farm manager Anisa Gjerqari and under the care of the women part of the farm.

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