Fostering Political Accountability in Local Government

Duration of the project: July 2022 - June 2024

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy  

Overall Objective: POP Network monitor the decision-making processes and take an active role in advocating and influencing the policy debate and political agenda for the rights holder’s interest.

Specific objectives:

SO1: Empower and strengthen the POP network and its members in advocating the public's rights and priorities of the people, in local governance processes. 
SO2: Monitor the full implementation of the Social Contracts signed in 2019.
SO3: Strengthen citizens voice in consultation meeting.
SO4: Monitor the Local Elections campaign of the candidates for Mayors of 2023, sign the New Social Contracts.

The Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) in Tirana is leading the development of the project.

POP Network members: 
Gender Alliance for Development Center, Tirana 
Civil Society Development Center (CSDC), Durres
Vlora Youth Center
Association for Integration of Informal Areas (AIIA), Kamëz
Youth Center “New Epoch”, Fier
Young Intellectuals, Hope (IRSH), Shkodër
Youth Movement for Democracy Center, Pukë
Center for Youth Progress (CYP), Kukës
Youth For Integration, Activation, and Awareness (YIAA), Progradec
Another Vision, Elbasan
Light Steps, Vau I Dejes 
Women in Development, Korçë

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