Gender Budget Watchdog Network - Phase II

Project title: Strengthening Transparency and Accountability for Gender Equality in Western Balkans and Moldova (Gender Budget Watchdog Network, Phase II)

Duration of the project: November 2022 - October 2026

Donor: Austrian Development Agency and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Project objective: To improve public commitments for gender-responsive climate action and increase available financing to implement gender-responsive climate action in the Western Balkans region and the Republic of Moldova.


  • Strengthen visibility and international recognition of the work of the Gender Budget Watchdog Network;
  • Increased CSO capacities to use GRB tools watch-dogging climate change policy and financing;
  • Improve CSO participation in policy and budgeting processes by using gender budget watchdog;
  • Available tools for increased government accountability, particularly in resilience response, climate change financing, and gender responsiveness of the climate change policy framework.

Implementing partners:
- Gender Alliance for Development Centre; 
- Centre for Research and Policy Making; 
- Center for Civil Society Promotion; 
- Kosovo Women’s Network; 
- Women Action;
- Gender Knowledge Hub;
- Keystone Moldova.

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