Social Mapping in the Municipality of Klos for People with Disabilities

Title of the project: Conducting LNOB social mapping and evidence-based policymaking in the Municipality of Klos and with a focus on Day-care Center Services for People with Disabilities

Duration of the project: October 2023- May 2024

Donor: The Association for Local Autonomy of Albania

Aim and Objectives of the Project: The overall aim of the assignment is to contribute towards the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, improving the quality of life as well as fostering social cohesion at a local level by promoting the localization of Agenda 2030 and its objectives, in particular, the Leave no One Behind – LNOB principle at the municipal level.

The specific objectives: 

  • Contribute towards better design of local social protection policies for vulnerable groups in harmonization with national development plans
  • Support the Municipality of Klos in implementing LNOB social mapping methodology in coordination with the local government staff. The methodology is elaborated within the NALAS e-Learning course “LNOB Social Mapping and Evidence-based Policy Making”.
  • Support the Municipality of Klos in the development of policy recommendations based on social mapping findings and in line with priority SDGs and respective targets.
  • Support the Municipality of Klos in the integration of the policy recommendations within the respective social protection program.

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