Job Opportunity: Expert for the Development of GBWN



The Gender Budget Watchdog Network (GBWN) is a regional network that seeks to further gender-responsive budgeting in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova, towards more efficient, effective, transparent, and just use of resources that benefit diverse women and men. The Network achieves its aims through expanding knowledge and acceptance of feminist economics, research including gender analysis, experience exchanging, coalition-building with other stakeholders, and furthering capacities for gender-responsive budgeting, advocacy, and monitoring.

The Gender Budget Watchdog Network (GBWN) envisions a world where resources are distributed in an effective, transparent, just, and equitable way that benefits and meets the needs of diverse men, boys, women, and girls. The regional network operates in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, the Republic of Moldova, and Serbia. The organizations that originally founded GBWN include the Centre for Research and Policy Making (North Macedonia), Gender Alliance for Development Centre (Albania), Centre for Civil Society Promotion (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kosovo Women’s Network (Kosovo), Women Action (Montenegro), Gender Knowledge Hub (Serbia), and Keystone Moldova (Moldova).

GBWN members include CSOs working in the Balkan region and Moldova. GBWN promotes the principle of inclusiveness for marginalized and vulnerable groups in society, including the Roma community and inhabitants of rural areas. GBWN works in WB6 countries, Moldova, Europe and internationally, according to its mission, vision, and goals.

Expert’s Profile
Experts should demonstrate a good understanding of the WB region and Moldova and gender-responsive budgeting aspects and terminology. The candidate should be a result-oriented person, demonstrating excellent communication, facilitation and presentation skills.

  • To be selected for the development of the GBWN, the expert should comply with the following Selection Criteria- Professional Experience Required:
  • At least 5 years of work experience in consultancy for network developments.
  • Practical experience in developing at least 3 CSOs networks.
  • Good communication skills
  • Demonstrated analytical and writing skills
  • Experience in donor-funded projects and working in an international environment would be considered an advantage.
  • Track records innovative approaches and knowledge in successful examples.

At least 5 years of work experience in NGOs or with NGOs to advance civic space in topics such as (at least one of the listed topics):

  • Gender equality, 
  • Working with vulnerable groups,
  • Working with local and central level
  • Public policy development,
  • Network development and management,
  • CSO financial management,
  • EU Acquis.

Will have priority on experts who have excellent knowledge and understanding of the civil sector and the context in WB countries and in the EU.

Language skills

  • Excellent knowledge of English (working level)

Would be considered as an asset: Research and practical experience in the Western Balkans Region; Knowledge of at least one of the local languages of the countries included in WB. 

The expert will be engaged for 10 working days during the period May 2022 – to June 2022

Scope of the assignment  

  • Provide technical knowledge about capacity building and advocacy to both secretariat members and CSOs.
  • Evaluate the Network capacities and produce a SWOT analysis.
  • Guide and ensure the highest quality of monitoring, evaluation, reporting and communications.
  • Develop strong organizational relationships and partnerships with local and national government authorities.
  • Organize one workshop with members of the GWBN to understand the network development.
  • Organize individual interviews with core network members and/or the project team.
  • Review all the documents, reports, newsletters produced by the network, and also the website.
  • Produce the final document for the network.
  • Present the product in an event of the GBWN.

Budget available
The available budget for the action is 2500 EUR (including taxes). Candidates are expected to provide an offer for their service, inclusive of all the elements mentioned in the terms of reference.
The selected applicant will be paid after completion of the expected tasks and delivery of all the expected outputs

Application and deadline
Individuals are invited to send the following documents in English to this e-mail address: [email protected] 

1. Motivation letter; 
2. Expert’s CV with minimum 3 references relevant for the assignment;
3. Methodology – description of the methods to be introduced for the network development, including a timeline of duties and responsibilities as well as activities to be involved for successful task management from the expert, in collaboration with the Network; 
4. Financial offer. 

The deadline for application is April 29th, 5 PM



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