Meeting women who survived the violence!

26.11.2020 Gender Alliance for Development Center in the framework of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, held today a closed online meeting with women who survived domestic violence.

The purpose of this activity was to listen closely and intervene to improve their lives. Women honestly shared the stories and problems encountered in everyday life. During the meeting they had the opportunity to talk closely with the local coordinator of domestic violence at the Municipality of Tirana, Mrs. Anjeza Bojaxhiu, lawyer of the Center for Civic Legal Initiatives Mrs. Lirie Dina who touched on innovations in the legal framework in recent months, as well as psychologist Mrs. Arjola Panteqi to be informed about the important practices that should be followed with children who are part of the environment where violence is present.

This meeting will be followed in the coming days for the issues raised by women and the needs they present by directing them for other services or support.

Hear! Trust! Support! # 16DaysofActivism #orangetheworld

This meeting is part of the Project: "Providing technical expertise to the government and CSOs for the development, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of measures to address violence against women in the new Strategy for Gender Equality and Action Plan" which is funded by the European Union and implemented by UN Women.

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