Enhancing women access to employment in Elbasan

Gender Alliance for Development Centre (GADC) Albania and Democracy for Development (D4D) Kosovo are implementing the regional project "Enhancing Women's Access to Employment" which is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.

For this reason, one of the beneficiaries of this project "For the benefit of women, the community, the needy and people with disabilities" Elbasan has organized 6 training meetings.

The job profiles of the women participants were various, such as teachers, security guards, saleswomen, nurses, secretaries, office workers, employees in bars or restaurants, students, but a good part of them were unemployed or looking for another job. Some of them had worked in different jobs causing them to bring different cases of relationships with employers, colleagues or in relationships with themselves. During the discussion sessions several methods of intervention were introduced such as debates, brainstorming or group work.

Opinions and

Open letter in regards to the handling of the case of Ms. Nazime Visha

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