Enhancing women access to employment in Vlora

Gender Alliance for Development Centre (GADC) Albania and Democracy for Development (D4D) Kosovo are implementing the regional project "Enhancing Women's Access to Employment" which is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.

For this reason, one of the beneficiaries of this project "Center for Development and Society Promotion" in Vlora, has organized these activities:

4 informative and advocacy meetings with representatives of institutions in the city of Vlora. The meetings were held with representatives / leaders of the Regional Employment Office, with representatives of the Vocational Training Center, with representatives of the Directorate of Social Services, Municipality; and representatives of Vatra Center. During these meetings, information on the unemployment situation of women and girls in the city of Vlora, relevant legislation, was exchanged. Local and central institutions that should contribute to improving the situation, as well as on further referrals of women and girls to the CCPS which need more information and feedback.

6 information and awareness raising sessions with students of the Bachelor and Master cycle of the University "Ismail Qemali", Vlora. During these sessions, 56 women and girls were informed. They were informed about labor market rights, real and existing employment opportunities, access to employment, etc.

4 training sessions with 16 women and girls, students at the University "Ismail Qemali" Vlora. The theme of the training modules was related to the rights of women and girls in the labor market as well as their ability to know themselves in order to make a well-thought-out and more sustainable choice in terms of their employment. The training focused on issues such as labor law legislation, exploring individual competencies, exploring the world of work, developing an individual employment plan, preparing a CV, preparing for job interviews, etc.

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Open letter in regards to the handling of the case of Ms. Nazime Visha

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