Women in media and Their Role—Second Meeting

24 April 2019

Gender equality, gender-based violence, women’s rights in the labor market, government responses on issues of gender equality, and the great role of the media regarding social values were topics of discussion with H.E. Luigi Soreca, Ambassador of the European Union to Albania, and Albanian women journalists.

The significant role that women should play in politics and decision-making to advance gender equality in Albania was also discussed.

This event is part of three Women in Media meetings organized by the Gender Alliance for Development Center as part of GADC’s “Women in Media” initiative, supported by the UK Embassy in Tirana through a grant and technical support from East West Management Institute, inc. These meetings on Women in the Media encourage women journalists, editors, and producers to actively engage in efforts to advance Albania’s integration into the European Union (EU), as well as to make better use of the country’s EU integration process for women’s rights, including women’s rights in the media sector.

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