Training "Introduction to Gender Responsive Budgeting"

June 24-26, 2020

Gender Alliance for Development Center organized a three-day online training on "Introduction to Gender Responsive Budgeting" within the project "Gender Budget Oversight Network in the Western Balkans and Moldova" supported by the Austrian Agency for Development and SIDA.

The purpose of the training is to build the capacity to apply GRB methods to enable all participants to acquire basic knowledge and skills to apply GRB principles. During these three days, 28 NGOs from 7 different countries and 47 participants, through experts in the field, were introduced to very important concepts such as:

  • Gender concepts;
  • Gender statistics;
  • Gender indicators;
  • Gender mainstreaming;
  • Gender analysis;
  • Methodology for Gender Responsive Budgeting;
  • Budget and Advocacy Cycles.

Participants will further enrich their knowledge and exchange experiences to interact in the future as a network in terms of evaluating equal gender initiatives, monitoring budget expenditures from a gender perspective in the country and the region.

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