GADC Projects

GADC Projects
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  • Forum for Regional and European Joint Activities, Tirana, Albania
  • Expanding women’s participation in politics and decision making
  • Austrian Development Agency
  • 2011/11/11
  • 2011/11/13
  • The Forum for Regional and European Joint Activities (known worldwide as FREJA's Forum)

    was an opportunity to establish contacts for international cooperation in the region and Europe. In this forum participated around 250 participants from Albania, Balkan countries and Europe.

    The aim of the FREJA Forum was to create networks, regional and long-term cooperation based on democratic and equal basis between NGOs in Western Balkan, in order to influence changes and strengthen civil society organizations. Some specific objectives that were achieved during this successful event were: development of new strategies and action plans in phases to achieve regional cooperation; establishment of a new network or association in the Western Balkan with NGOs from five countries; and provision of knowledge on the prospects for sustained funding of cooperation nationally and regionally.