Kick off Meeting, under the frame of the project “Knowledge for Women’s Empowerment” financed by Assist Impact/USAID.

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kick of meeting.

Lezha, on 24 February 2014, at the premises of Education Directory of Lezha, a presentational meeting was organized by GADC under the frame of the project "Knowledge for Women's Empowerment" financed by Assist Impact/USAID with the aim to present the project's objective, the overall methodology and the importance of the project.

Representatives of Women' Alliance in Albanian Parliament, both municipalities (Lezha and Puka), both labour officies (Lezha and Puka), Local NGOs, regional office of State Social Services, Private Businesses (with a high number of women employees), Media representatives as the most important collaborators with GADC in implementation of this project were invited to attend the event. This sampling ensured an audience of about 33 participants in total.

Participating Target Groups in details: (i) 2 Shkodra Deputies members of Women's Alliance in Albanian Parliament; (ii) 4 Representatives from Lezha's and Puka's Municipalities; (iii) 7 Representatives from Local NPOs; (iv) 3 Representatives from Regional office of State Social Services (v) 4 Private Business representatives; (vi) 2 representatives from Media; (vii) 4 representatives from donors; and a representative from Education and from Health Public, a student and a Housewife.

The panel of presentational meeting was composed of: Mr. Viktor Tushaj, Mayor of Lezha who made a greeting speech and showed some achievements of his institution and the plans for the future, Ms. Matty Thimm, Executive Director of Assist Impact who made a greeting speech too emphasized the role of women and importance of economical empowerment of women, Ms. Adriana Jaku, Director of Regional Office of Social State Services of Lezha who evaluated the project as very important for Lezha and in particular for vulnerable women, Ms. Naxhie Djaloshi, representative of Social Services and Economical Aid Office of Puka Municipality who made a picture of the situation of women's conditions in Puka, difficulties and challenges of her institution, Mr. Ilirjan Lleshi, Lawyer of Labour Office of Puka who showed the achieved results and new plans of his office for Puka's community and women employment in particular, and Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti as GADC Moderator who spoke about some strong point of the project, the purpose, the main objectives, results and the main collaborators.

Also the deputies Ms. Voltana Ademi (DP) and Ms. Mimoza Hafizi (SP) made a short speech for local media representatives. They emphasized the role of women in society and evaluated the project as very important for the Lezha and Shkodra regions.

The focus was put on the key role of the targeted institutions in defending and respecting women's rights in the labor market.

After the presentations some positive and fruitful comments, questions and discussions were made from the participants and evaluated the meeting as very successful and the intervention was highly appreciated by all of them, who committed to collaborate closely with GADC to reach the project objectives.

The activity closed with a modest cocktail.

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