Screening documentary “Albanian Women Movement ‘90+’20”

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On 02 October 2013, Gender Alliance for Development Centre in close collaboration with "Reflection" association and "Useful Albanian Woman" association organized an event, screening documentary "Albanian Women Movement '90+'20", at Tirana "Agimi" cinema. The documentary was realized in the frame of the 100 Anniversaries of Independent of Albania and 20 years of women movement in Albania activities that started since 2012. The objective of this event was to be presented the contributions of women movement in Albania during 20 years, challenges of gender equality, changes in legal framework, development of civil society organizations all over Albania and women's social problems (domestic violence, trafficking, employment etc) for a wider audience.

Around 70 participants took part in this event, where the most of them were women and girls and 4 were men. Participants were representatives from different state institutions (Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Lushnja's municipality etc), NPO's organizations (Reflection association, Useful Albanian Women, CLCI association, Different but Equal association, AWEN network, ANTTARC etc.), International organizations (UNDP, Palme Centre, GIZ etc.) and many students, different professionals etc.

In this event were presented important representatives, we have the pleasure to have Ms. Zineb Touimi-Benjelloun (UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative), Ms. Plejada Gugashi (representative of Olof Palme International Centre in Albania), Ms. Alida Tota (Director of Social Politics in MSWY) , Ms. Erlanda Agaj (GIZ).

Before the screening of documentary a greeting speech was made by Ms. Mirela Arqimandriti (Executive Director of GADC) who has the role of moderator, explained the purpose of the event, thanksgiving for working group, leader's women that have been contributors in the documentary. Also she gave thanksgiving for donors who have supported the documentary.

After screening documentary some participants gave suggestions and opinions as following:

• More boys and men must to be presented in this event to saw the documentary; to evaluate the contributions of women's movement during 20 years;

• The documentary will transmitted in the high schools and some faculties in Tirana (Mirela's comment)

• It will be important to transmitted the documentary in the local TVs, to raise awareness of parents in other cities, regarding especially to domestic violence phenomena and other women's social problems (Alida Tota's comment);

• A producer's suggestion (Eno Milkani) was that NPO's must to have more visible documentation of their activities, because they have had lack of these materials to realize this one.

The event was of a great interest and a positive feedback especially for all participants.