Citizen’s Forum in Kuçova

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On 06 September 2013, Gender Alliance for Development Centre, organized a citizen's forum in Kuçova to present the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the monitoring report "Gender Policies Monitoring Report, Municipality of Kuçova" (see the report at Publications). In this event were presented the Mayor of City Hall, Mr. Bardhyl Gjyzeli, some representatives from local institutions, the trained social auditors from Kuçova and many citizens. The event was organized in the frame of the project "Empower Citizens to monitor local gender agenda, as a mechanism to ensure Good Governance", financed supported by USA Embassy in Tirana. The report was prepared by Gender Alliance for Development Centre experts in close collaboration with social auditors. The four main areas of monitoring were: Women's Economical Empowerment, Women's participations in decision-making, Gender based Violence, Vulnerable Groups Respecting Rights.

After some presentations a lot of questions, discussions and comments took place in the last part of the forum. Forum's Impacts:

  • Enhance democratic dialogue and interaction of citizens with local government in order to achieve a more accountable, responsive and gender sensitive governance at local level.
  • Very important and useful document for all local institutions in Kuçova and especially for the municipality;
  • Useful findings and recommendations for each local institutions;
  • Participants got information on the local government recommendations, challenges, achievements and findings regarding to women's participations on local decision-making process; women's economical empowerment; the situation of domestic violence in their community; disabled persons; civil society in Kuçova;
  • Strengthening cooperation between GADC and municipality as a bridge to continue cooperation in the future.