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Gender Alliance for Development Center work is achieved in collaboration with other actors that contribute to the area of gender equality in Albania. Key actors from the economic, social, and political areas are continuous partners in projects and events implemented by the center. Among these, we may mention:

Ministry of Labor,

Social Affairs and Equal Chances,

Directory of Equal Chances,

Faculty of Social Sciences – Gender Studies Institute;

National Institute of Statistics;

Journalism Department at the Faculty of History and Philology;

Centers for Democratic Civil Education,

Departments of Education in the cities Tiranë, Shkodër, Korçë, Elbasan, Gjirokastër,

University of Tirana,

University of Shkodër,

University of Gjirokastër,

University of Korçë,

University of Elbasan;

Institute of Curriculum and Standards,

Center for Training and Qualification in Education;

Women’s, Civil Society and other Community Development Organizations,

Political Parties’ Women’s and Youth Forums, UNDP, OSCE, etc.