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Gender Alliance for Development Center has been involved in a series of formal and non-formal networking. It plays a fundamental role in establishing and expanding relations with a series of organizations and networks, which are involved in protecting women’s rights. In Albania, Gender Alliance for Development Center plays an important role in the Albanian Network Against Gender Violence and Trafficking, which includes a series of partner organizations, such as: the Counseling Center for Abused Women and Girls, the Civic Legal Initiatives Center, the “Refleksione” association, and the Shelter for Abused Women.

Gender Alliance for Development Center has strong collaboration relations with non-profit organizations throughout the region and beyond, in Kosovo, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, etc. The Gender Alliance for Development has been involved in the regional coalition SEELIDA (Southeast Europe Leadership), a coalition that includes representatives from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and Greece. It is a member of the KARAT Coalition for Regional Action. For a number of years now, Gender Alliance for Development Center remains part of the Network East West Women (NEWW), a network that has continuously supported the library of the Documentation and Information Center. From 1996, it is part of “Vital Voices” – the Network of Women that participated in the Vienna Conference. Among the organizations it collaborates with, the following are worth mentioning: REWIND – Regional Network on Women’s Issues and the Regional Anti-Trafficking Network. At the national level, Gender Alliance for Development Center is part of the network ACTA (Anti-Corruption and Anti-Trafficking Action), which includes countries such as: Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gender Alliance for Development Center is part of the Equal Opportunities Network, part of the Network Women’s Program, New York. Gender Alliance for Development Center is part of the International Gender Policy Network.

GADC is part of the following networks:

Albanian network Against Gender Violence and Trafficking

Albanian Women Empowering Network

KARAT Coalition for Regional Action

International Gender Policy Network

Anna Lindl Foundation