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Gender Alliance for Development Center is a non-profit organization, established in 1995. We work towards equality between women and men in Albania. We realize this goal through advocacy, lobbying and training. With advocacy and lobbying we aim to improve the gender balance in decision making and prevent the discrimination against women. Through training we spread our knowledge on gender and empower women.

Gender Alliance for Development Center (GADC) is licensed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Albania as a resource center on gender issue. As a resource center we are continuously asked to review and comment on laws and policies relating to the ministry. 

We are an experienced organization; we’ve been working for almost 15 years. During this time we’ve successfully implemented more than 70 projects. Every project we do is monitored and evaluated using specific indicators. This ensures that our projects are carried out to the highest professional standards. It also makes the work we do continuously measurable. A lot of activities has been realized through the implementation of many projects during the years some of them are listed below:

• Improving gender balance in decision-making levels.
• Gender Resource Package for Elementary School Teachers.
• Raising awareness on domestic violence.
• Creating economic opportunities for women in Albania: A strategy for prevention trafficking.
• Gender-oriented Documentation and Information Centre.
• Preparing and publishing Engendering strategies in Albania.
• National Strategy and Action Plan against Domestic Violence.
• Representation and Quality of Democracy in Albania.
• Call for papers: analyzing the status of Albanian women in the context of social movements and social changes after 1990s.
• Photo Album: “Challenges and accomplishments of Albanian Women”.
• Summer school: The European Integration Process-A tool to advance gender.
• Promoting gender Equity in Elementary Schools.
• Quarterly Magazine on gender Issues – GAIA.
• Gender and EU activities in Albania.
• My new book on Gender Equality, Mainstreaming Gender Equality in High School Curricula.
• Respecting the labour rights of women in Albania as a means to reduce the feminization of poverty.

We work mainly in the fields of gender mainstreaming, EU integration, economic empowerment, governance, gender budgeting, violence against women, education, media. The experiences gained from our work has enabled us to fine tune our organization and find routines and methodologies that work and produce real results for the women of Albania.

We have through the years conducted gender trainings in many different levels. We have conducted trainings in areas ranging from governance to education, from budgeting to the empowerment of young women.

We have also published a wide range of books, training manuals and reports. Recently we published reports on the prevalence of Violence against Women in Albania and on Gender Budgeting best practices.

We work extensively with outside experts and other organizations. This increases our outreach and at the same time brings our gender knowledge to other organizations. Most of our work is done in collaboration with other actors. We have among others collaborated with UNIFEM, UNICEF, UNDP, European Commission, US Embassy to Albania, OSCE, University of Tirana, Universities of Shkodër, Vlora, Durrës, Elbasan, Korçë and Gjirokastër. We also have a large network of experts and trainers in universities, government institutes and NGOs; in Tirana as well as in other districts. When realizing projects we draw upon the experiences and knowledge of these experts and trainers.

GADC is part of some networks. GADC plays an important role in the Albanian Network Against Gender Violence and Trafficking, which includes a series of partner organizations, such as: the Counseling Center for Abused Women and Girls, the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives, the “Refleksione” association, and the Shelter for Abused Women. GADC is part of newly created the Empowering Albanian Women Network between 8 women organizations in Vlora, Durres, Elbasan, Shkodra, Peshkopia, Pogradec, Saranda and Tirana.
GADC has been involved in the regional coalition SEELIDA (Southeast Europe Leadership) is a member of the KARAT Coalition for Regional Action; For a number of years now, GADC remains part of the Network East West Women (NEWW), a network that has continuously supported the library of the Documentation and Information Center of GADC; is part of the Equal Opportunities Network, part of the Network Women’s Program, New York also GADC is part of the International Gender Policy Network and Anna Lindl Foundation.

Since 2002 the GADC has, by its own request, been evaluated twice by external evaluators. We continuously review our work and draw upon our experiences. Though we are professionally staffed some aspects of the GADC’s work is carried out by our well motivated volunteers. Most of our volunteers are university students, and we benefit greatly from their knowledge and motivation.

Since 1999 GADC has been audited regurarly every year from external auditors based on the organizational auditing. Since 2005 GADC is registered to the TAX office of Tirana and submitted every year financial statements to this office.

We maintain a library focused on gender. The library currently holds more than 2000 volumes on gender issues in psychology, sociology, political sciences and social work; to name a few. The library is open to the public and is the only one of its kind in Albania. 

Our work brings real benefits to the people we work with and to society as a whole.
Our work empowers women and brings about positive change in society.
We believe that equal opportunity is essential for Albania’s further development.