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Every year, an average of four to six-volunteers/per month gives a great contribution to the GADC. GADC staff has created a very good experience in engaging volunteers, as well as in providing them knowledge, skills in on-job training and specific training. Mostly, they are students of Social Sciences devoted to gender issues and ethical problems related to social work studies. Since 2000 GADC had welcomed even foreigner volunteers as:  Amanda Pomp – Grand Valley State University School of Social Work, Shelly M. Carson – Master of Social Work. Washington University, St. Louis, MO. Carry, Thomas von Matern-UNIFEM Stockholm, Sweden. 
The vulunteers that have contributed during the period January-June 2010:

Jetmira Zogu, Amanda Shehu, Marsida Seferi, Arlinda Shameti, Artida Çaçi, Erjola Durmishi, Juliana Nanaj, Thomas von Matern, Marseda Vjollca, Jennie Fredriksson.